Mar 03
06:03 pm

Why to get an Engagement Shoot

Having a pre-wedding photo shoot can improve your wedding pictures more than anything else you might do. Think about how you felt the first time you met with any of your vendors: they did not know you, and you did not know them. Then think about how you felt the next time you spoke/met with them….it was more comfortable and reassuring because they already knew so much more about you, and you them. Now apply that to your wedding day photography. Just imagine how much more comfortable you will be if you have already had a shoot together: they will know you better as a couple; and, you will be more comfortable in front of their camera, because you have already been in front of their camera.

Have fun!!! Even be a little crazy. Remember, those “magazine bride photos” that you have been looking at, are well planned and rehearsed. In fact, the photo that you finally see in the magazine was probably picked from hundreds of photos. That is why it is important to remember that, the more time you spend with your photographer, the more likely it is that she will be able to capture those once in a lifetime moments.

To quote The (b)ecker, on your wedding day you want to “feel as though you have hired a good friend, with an expensive camera”.

Mar 02
08:03 pm

When hiring a Wedding Photographer……

Shopping for the RIGHT photographer or videographer? – it’s like wine. And if you know anything about wine, you know that prices and quality vary widely. Photographers and videographers are the same way, and we can break them down into three distinct categories:

  • the cheap stuff
  • the expensive stuff
  • the good stuff

the cheap stuff
The clients who are typically the unhappiest after the event are the ones who scrimped on the photography or videography. One approach is to go cheap and minimize your costs. This is where you ask a friend or family member, or acquire an entry level “free or low priced” person with a “new” camera. Your event is not when you want to realize that your choice of photographer or videographer has no backup equipment or real experience at this level either. “You get what you pay for” comes to mind, and you’ll likely end up with a less than satisfactory result, with no guarantee, just like cheap wine.

the expensive stuff
By giving lots of money to the photographer or videographer, you hope to get a high quality result. Does it work out that way? Not necessarily, and maybe not even often. Just like there are overpriced wines that leave you wondering if they were really worth it, there are lots of photographers and videographers that are just as overpriced. Many are fresh out of school, have little experience in events, yet price themselves high in the hopes you will think their higher price equates to better photography or videography. Hmm….

the good stuff
Every once in a while, you discover a really good wine. A friend tells you about it, or you notice it one day on your own. Attention to detail by experienced professional is much like a really good wine… easy on the pallet, and your pocket book. Expertise that delivers your vision!

Written by John Brunke

Feb 25
09:02 pm

Twittter joins us

As of today we are now also using twitter in order to connect with our clients and interested public. Follow us @liniphoto

Jul 18
03:07 am

Great Wedding

Had a fantastic time in Peterborough at Trisha and Jeff’s wedding. Carole, my stellar assistant, Stig and I were lucky enough to spend the entire day with this great couple and their families. I have been working on their images all week, and I have just finished posting their wedding album in the slideshow section of their client page. The Wedding Album posting is a draft of still images taken at Trisha and Jeff’s wedding. The true Cine Fusion video will be posted as soon as we have finished it’s post production.

The complete set of still images will be posted on Pictage’s site in the next few days. Stay tuned for that update. Until then…..enjoy the slideshow!!!
Jun 28
06:06 pm

June is almost over

June is almost over and we are starting to hit our stride for the wedding season. This weekend we have an e-session with full fusion. We are going to be out in High Park: having fun; trying new shots; and using cool lenses. The following Saturday we are shooting a wedding in Peterborough…it is going to be beautiful!!

It should be a great week…look for some new postings with images early next week.